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Find and preview G & G2 test routes live with an interactive checklist and test notification system. Don't leave your road test up to chance!
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How it Works

LicenseBot uses a network of drivers to find the best information on G & G2 Test Routes. By using your phone's GPS to compare your location to the routes in your area this allows you to find your way to the nearest one. To make this clear LicenseBot features a live simulation of driving the test route to get an idea how to follow the route!

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Find a Route Anywhere you Go!

We're constantly adding fresh routes to make sure you have the best information before taking your test!

Pre-Test Preparation

Have the study blues? LicenseBot helps remind you of common driving requirements and keeps you on track!

Interactive Route Guidance

Using your phone's GPS we guide you to the nearest route and show a simulation of what your test route would be like to drive!

Cross Platform

It's not fun having to worry about what gear you own when you're already worrying about getting your license. That's why we're available on both iOS and Android!


Once you're found the perfect route to practice use LicenseBot's built-in checklists to make sure you're not forgetting anything before your big test! Or let the bot save your license information and test date and it will remind you before your appointment!

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While it's not a replacement for studying our checklists will help you cover the basics before getting behind the wheel!

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Our live reminder system allows you to enter your plate number and test date to receive a reminder before your test -- which could mean saving some cash!

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Narrow down your location to make sure that you're finding routes around your home area!

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